We all owe it to ourselves to at least try to be the best we can, and live up to our full human potentials. Unfortunately, many people are either unaware of this basic actuality, or simply do not or have not applied much thought or action to this very tangible reality.

Youths who are disregarded, mislead by negative societal persuasions and left to saunter through life with untapped potentials, tend to become adults who remain blind to a more exceptional existence which awaits.

We are here to provide a level of support that the “not-so-privileged” youths need to build a solid foundation for better adulthoods.


How financially savvy are you? How much thought do you put into your financial decisions? Start today. Start saving. Start a bank account. Start budgeting. Start thinking about what you want to accomplish, and know it will take money to acquire possessions, and bring a level of freedom that is your right to have.


A higher education not only has the potential to open the doors for a worthwhile career, it also provides you with mind expanding information which comes from core elective classes, and the personal relationships with other students. We can all learn from others who are culturally and socially different from our “norm.” Additionally, core elective classes are in place to introduce students to a perspective of the world which is outside of our communities, neighborhoods, and family settings.


You are what you eat. Youths typically don’t put much thought into their diet because a fast moving metabolism masks the long term effects of consistent consumption of fast food, food with high fat content, and other potentially detrimental ingredients. You are never too young to make a switch in your diet and eating habits. Try cooking quick and healthy meals on the weekends, or even a couple of week days after school. Can you think of a healthy dish to share? Post it in our blog.

Go Green

We are strong advocates of protecting the habitat which surrounds us. We take seriously the long term effects of our actions of today. Our ecosystem is dependent upon the choices we make in food consumption, household items we use, recycling habits, and how we reduce by reusing. Our programs will help to define how youths can be more mindful of everyday habits, and provide practical ways in which they can contribute to society by taking steps towards living a green lifestyle.


Never allow anyoneto deter you from your hopes, dreams and goals. What happens to a dream deferred?

SCHOLARSHIPS (coming soon)

Our scholarship programs will focus on studies in Environmental Science. We need young minds to become aware of sustainable living, take this topic seriously, and make strides to educate citizens of this planet.

To assist with either tuition or school supplies for graduating seniors who aspire to pursue a higher education after high school. This offer also extends to those who have already graduated high school, and wish to start a curriculum at a college of choice. More details will follow…